A Hands-On Approach to Your Server Growth

A Hands-On Approach to Your Server Growth

or Hands-On Help For Your Server? I don’t know, I like alliteration.

Advertise Your Server was established in Summer of 2017. Since then, the member count has skyrocketed to a massive 54,000+ members. Our growth did not come easy; however, we have developed many great services to enable your small servers grow alongside us.

Small Servers Team

Just starting your server? The Small Servers Team provide one-to-one guidance to get you to 100 members. There are three plans currently available:

  • Bronze (Free Plan)

This starter plan is highly requested and therefore, out of the 3 plans, this one has the longest queue (3–4 months). It offers the least amount of perks but it is still a helpful service should you utilise the time with your assigned Small Servers Team member. The perks include:

— Personalised tips on ways to advertise
— On Hand Support Assistant
— Weekly support
— Advertisement Review

  • Silver ($4.99/mth)

— Personalised Tips on Ways to Advertise
— On Hand Support Assistant
— Advertisement Review
Priority AYS Support Request
Server Review
Liam Premium
Dedicated Priority Team Member
Special Role on AYS

  • Gold ($8.99/mth)

Out of the Premium Plans, Gold is definitely the most popularly chosen. It provides you with the biggest amount of on-hand support and assistance to grow your server as quickly as you’d like. You will receive:

— Personalised Tips On Ways To Advertise
— Advertisement Review
— On Hand Support Assistant
— Priority AYS Support Request
— Liam Premium
— Server Review
24/7 Support
Bot Review (If applicable)
Raid Response Premium
Moderation Review (analysis of the moderation of the server)
Customised Advertisement For Your Server
— Dedicated Priority Team Member
Post 6 times a day instead of 5
— Special Role on AYS

Already signed up? We hope that you’re enjoying your monthly perks. If you’re having any issues at all, feel free to contact AYS Support.

Coming Soon: Our custom bump bot Liam is soon to receive a refurbishment! He’ll be back in action shortly. Stay tuned!

Discord Growth Experts

Do you wonder what your server is like from a member’s point of view? Well, Discord Growth Experts are here to provide in-depth advice for the benefit of your server. What’s more? There are 3 absolutely free services available:

  • Advertisement Review
     — You will receive comments and suggestions about how to make your server advert really stand out or if it’s already doing a great job.
  • Server Review
     — You will receive Channel Organisation Tips, Role Tips and a General Server Overview. Not enough? (See: Premium Server Review)
  • Growth Advice
     — Something troubling you? Ask a Growth Expert for help when something is not going as expected at your server. They will provide on-hand advice and assistance to help with your server-related issue.

These services have a 1 week cool down period. If you have recently requested a service but still need advice, you can still speak to a Growth Expert in the channels below and receive lots of helpful tips:

Check the pinned messages in these channels for more useful advice for your server!

Discord Growth Experts also offer some paid services that can be extremely beneficial for your server. These services include:

  • Premium Server Review ($5)
    + 1 Month of Liam Premium FREE

Unlike the free server review, you can receive an in-depth review that covers: Channel Organisation Tips, Role Tips, General Server Review, Ad Reviews, SEO Review, Banner Review, Website Review (If Applicable), Bot Setups Overview, Moderation Review, Name and Logo Tips plus additional Growth and Advertising Tips.

You can even find out what your staff team think/feel about the server with our one-on-one voluntary interviews.

  • Custom Advertisement Creation ($6)
    + Special Servers Post

Let our advanced team of Discord Experts create your server it’s very own advertisement to help engage users as well as persuade them to join. Also get a Special Servers post with your purchase.

Want to jump the queue? Discord Growth Expert paid requests are already prioritised compared to the free queue; however, if you need your server advertisement sooner there are extra options to skip the queue.

  • Expedite 1 service (Server Advertisement or Review) for just $3.
  • Expedite 2 services (Server Advertisement and Review) for just $5.

In Conclusion…

We have made these services available with our customers best interests in mind, so we hope that they are of help to growing your server efficiently. These services do not guarantee members to join, as that is not possible; however, this can increase the likelihood that members will join.

These services are not standalone, as they do require your patience and effort with your own server to benefit you. It could possibly create the means and pave the path for your server being one of the biggest servers on Discord, if lucky enough!

All of our services can be found on our website or requested through AYS Support.