Insider Advertising Strategies on AYS

Insider Advertising Strategies on AYS

How’s it going AYS! It’s Generation back yet again with another blog from AYS HQ! Being in AYS, you will obviously think at some point, how do I advertise? The more typical response you receive from us is to read the how to advertise channel, but this blog is all about staff strategies to advertise in order to possibly gain a higher member count! Coming up on AYS!

If you are a server owner you always look for feedback on how to improve your server and ad to make it stand out more, so that new members are drawn to your community. AYS is just like any other advertising server with high member counts, and sometimes these high member counts make your ad less seen depending on how you post it. Especially with only 5 ads every 24 hours, I am here to make sure you get your 5 ads worth.

Accessibility – Making sure your ad is accessible is a key thing that must be ensured. Posting in highly used channels such as our community servers channel won’t be seen because there are too many messages being sent every hour. Instead, try to use less frequently used channels such as the project servers channel. By placing your ad in less frequently used channels, you are actually exposing your ad to more people because you are properly categorising it as well as ensuring it isn’t lost in a mountain of messages.

Ad Uniqueness – I cannot stress this enough, having a unique ad is crucial to the member join and retention rate of your server. Your ad is what represents your community, you need to make sure it stands out as much as possible. Add symbols, unique characters, discord tools and overall features to give that wow effect to your audience. Take a look at one of our previous blogs by soy on how to make an effective advertisement here. Additionally; you can request a free ad review from our Discord Growth Experts team by DMing our ModMail system.

Time of Advertising – Depending on where your server is based, you may have a different audience, if your server is in another language, try to advertise mainly when countries which speak that language are online. If you are trying to attract certain audiences such as the USA, I would not recommend making too many posts during the period of a working day. After all, the USA accounts for 60% of Discord’s users, so it makes sense to target them as an audience in particular.

Networking – Advertise Your Server isn’t just about well advertising your server, it’s about building a strong network within the server, whether that is through answering growth questions, chatting in the lounge or even offering people servers through our request a server channel. By communicating on our server, you enable people to be more interested/engaged with you, without directly advertising your server. By doing this, you create relationships with an audience, and soon enough that audience will ask “Can I join your community”?

Seek Advice – People on Discord are there to help each other out, don’t just ask your friend if your server or ad is good enough, ask the community if your ad is good, ask for growth tips, as I said before in the Networking paragraph, engagement is key to building up a community. When I started my first server, it went downhill pretty fast because I did not know anything about Discord, nor that I could ask for support and receive such a positive response from so many people. That is truly the best thing about AYS, the community is always ready to support each other.

That is it from me AYS, I hope you found this weeks blog informative, and I hope I have spilled some insider advertising secrets to using our channels *wink wink*! Please feel free to share this with your community as well as add any other tips you may have in the comments. Have fun advertising and growing your communities!!!

"Growth is never by mere chance. It is the result of forces working together."

~ James Cash Penney || JCPenny Retail Founder