Are Bump Bots and Sites worth it?

Are Bump Bots and Sites worth it?

Hello and Welcome back to the blog! Tis’ is I, Generation Gamers providing you with another blog about server growth! In today’s blog we focus on the one aspect of growth that most people use, even AYS uses it! That is Bump bots and websites! Coming up on this blog…

Bump Bots & websites are used frequently for most servers to grow, get them out into the world and make them popular! But the real question is; What good do they actually do, and are they worth it? I mean with the big ones such as Disboard, Liam, DiscordMe and many others! There will be at least one bump sent every 5 minutes or so!

Usage – The amount of people using the bot is particularly critical in this situation, with thousands of people bumping every week, it will be hectic to find your server in the endless stream of server listings; bump bots unfortunately don’t have any filter for looking for specific servers, however most websites offer a filter to cater to the servers you are looking for!

Ease of Access – Have you ever tried to join a server you liked, but had to sign into your discord account just because you were using a bump site? Well for this reason; Bump Bots such as Liam are easier to use as they don’t require you to click on any links aside from the actual server invite.

Popularity – Now me, personally I would generally go for the popular, reliable and frequently used bots. But of course; when it comes to growth we would want something that would be least  likely to make our ad get buried in spam advertisements. Such as Liam, DiscordMe and other bots which aren’t immensely popular. Of course I’m not saying you shouldn’t use the popular bots; but you are more likely to gain results with those types of bots.

Cooldowns & Bump Times – Now in terms of when you can bump, and cooldowns, it is always best to have a form of Bump Ping and an automated message sent every time a bump is ready, kind of like a Bump Reminder bot. We want to maximise our chance for member growth by bumping as much as possible, putting in the effort to put your server out, which is why a wide variety of members across the world is needed, as you can’t be online 24/7! This is when member support is needed! 

Overall Growth – Now the one million dollar question; do bump bots & sites actually help you grow your server? The answer is yes, in most cases. Now in order to have members joining via your listings; you need to have an eye-catching description, (sneak peak; coming in next week’s blog!) features that would attract people, some form of activity within the server, and of course; a reason to be there! Most of these things may seem unnecessary, but sometimes; the more you do, means the more results you gain.

That’s it from me and all for today’s blog, we hope that this blog has helped you get a further understanding of how bump bots and sites work, and encourage you to use them more! Additionally; AYS has 2 listing sites/bots, which you should really check out! Our bump bot is Liam, and our bump site is Discord Expert. Please consider adding them into your servers!