Life as an AYS Team Member - Intro

Follow Generation Gamers as he begins a series diving into the hidden life as an AYS team member

Life as an AYS Team Member - Intro

Welcome back to this yet another awesome blog this week everyone! In today's blog I have a real treat lined up, we will be diving into the depths of AYS itself. and learning about the team, what they do and how they enjoy it! This weeks blog will be serving as an introduction, with the following weeks having numerous guests on this blog. Let's get into it!

What's Going to Happen - In the following weeks, we have lined up a number of people to interview, including Discord Growth Expers (DGE), Moderators, Developers, Management and possibly more to discuss what they do. Who knows, maybe at the end of this you might apply to be a staff member!

The team at AYS are committed to providing a premium, top notch service to members, and this sneak peak into the daily work of AYS is here to help members understand what being a staff on not just AYS, but any other server is like. Some of what you can expect are personal experiences, secrets, quick tips and information to how they do their job.

Now let's take a look at a few job descriptions:

Discord Growth Expert (DGE) - As a Discord Growth Expert, managing various different clients to provide an excellent service, such as a Custom Ad, Review, Advertising and more. You may have noticed them around answering your questions in the server, or by being a past client of us. Did you know you can grab a free Ad Review from them? DM AYS Support for this service!

Our Discord Growth Team interview is currently out. Please view our blog here

Moderation Team - One of the most integral teams to any online community's success, moderation! The moderation team at AYS is responsible for the overall security of the server, checking usernames, infractions, monitoring the chats and of course moderating the hundreds of ads that are sent on AYS each day. Of course, they are also responsible for making sure the community is active! If you see any of our friendly moderators in the chat, be sure to say hi!

Development Team - Most servers can last without a development team to make bots and websites, as there are numerous bots that are out there, but that takes away the ability to customise things. AYS is proud to have a team of developers, ensuring our bots and websites such as AYBListing, Liam and Discord Expert are running 24/7, and continue to recieve updates! Do you have any suggestions for future updates? Be sure to make a suggestion in our server suggestions channel!

Management Team - The management team is of course, responsible for overseeing the functionality of AYS, without a management team in any server, no one would have a sense of what to do and it can be eventful. The job of our management team is to manage various departments and provide updates internally to help the overall community grow to reach its full potential. If you see any management in the community, be sure to give them a wave!

There are numerous more teams in AYS which I could spend talking about, but these are the teams which we will be overall covering throughout this series. Be sure to stick around to view our next blogs!