How to be the BEST Staff Member

Follow Generation Gamers as they take you through how to be the BEST staff member you can possibly be.

How to be the BEST Staff Member

Welcome back to yet another blog here at AYS, it is the one and only Generation Gamers back for your weekly blog. I hope you’re having a great week so far, because this blog post is groundbreaking. Being a staff or team member, you ever wonder: “What can I do to be a better staff member?” Well I do at some points. Coming up on AYS, tips on how to be the best staff member.

You start off by joining a server for fun, and to contribute to a community you truly do feel connected with. I joined AYS personally because I liked the experience, and of course to write blogs to you all. Staff members are integral to running a server, especially large ones as a server owner cannot be expected to stay awake 24/7 doing work. I’m here now to tell you all about what I do to make sure that my team likes me!

Socialise - Building relationships with your team and management is critical, especially if you want to be able to ask people for guidance, support or even confiding in someone for issues. It’s also good to get to know the people you are working with, that way you can achieve a more cohesive and friendly working environment. Some staff in AYS have even met up after a while of working with each other!

Be Active - Activity is probably the most important element to being a staff member, the management team of your server will rely on you to do your job, if you drop in activity without letting them know, they may be in a difficult position. We all understand that your personal life comes first, but a heads up if you need to take a few days is an absolute MUST. By doing this, you’re actually saving them work because they don’t need to hassle you.

Ask Questions - When I started working as a moderator in servers, I had no knowledge or clue of what I was even doing, and I didn’t ask for help. The truth is, you are disadvantaged by the server rather than yourself by not asking for help if you don’t know something. Personally I’ve seen many incidents where people do things they didn’t know about, and some had serious effects. The staff and management aren’t there to just work, but they’re there to help each other.

Do the Extra Sometimes - It's sometimes good to do a little bit of extra work, such as posting more than required content in my case. A little extra always goes a long way, and may get you some recognition at some point. Not to mention, it’ll also make you more liked amongst your leadership team. For me, when I started out in AYS I did a lot extra as a moderator, to the point where I went from a Helper to a Senior Moderator in 6 weeks! This goes on to show what doing a little extra can do.

Follow the Rules - This one is a no brainer, of course you should always follow the rules that a server imposes on you. You are not only representing yourself, but your entire server as well as someone who works there. Most servers may also have staff policies, and you may think that ‘rules are overrated’ but they are there to protect not only you, but all members of the community.

I hope you found those 5 points very informative, and may even form you to be a better staff member than you are now! That’s it from me at AYS. Please feel free to share this with your team and friends so that they can learn more about being the best staff member. Have a great week and see you next time!

“Great things in business are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people.”
~ Steve Jobs | CEO & Founder of Apple Inc.