Bonding with your Team - 7 Steps

Bonding with your Team - 7 Steps

Hello, and welcome back to yet again another blog post within AYS! I’m Soy from the AYS Journalism Team, and today’s topic is “Bonding with the staff team in your server.” We’ll discuss ways to ensure bonding in your team and trust in your staff members. There are many ways to enforce trust in your group, but let’s know the benefits first.

Importance of a strong Discord staff team
Bonding and trusting each other are essential for a staff team. It’s great to rely on other members and know they also hold a responsibility, so everyone needs to know how to bond and trust each other within a team. A solid and successful team would be able to work together efficiently and grant more accessible ways to coordinate future projects and goals for your server. Having a solid staff team means you are less likely to have a high turnover rate (a lot of people joining staff and then leaving) and they’re likely to perform better if they feel supported by you.

Keys to bonding with your staff team
There are many ways to bond with your team, such as communicating, interacting, and understanding your staff. Here are the explanations.

Communication – Let’s start with maintaining open communication. You can try to start talking and having conversations with your team members, who can help build your friendship and get to know each other more. Doing this can create an overall friendly and supportive environment.

Interaction. Another thing that you should note is interaction within your team. You can build trust by hosting staff events or game nights, so everyone gets a chance to hang out and blow off some steam every once and a while!

Understanding – And for the final one, understanding your staff members. Please note that your staff members have a life outside of Discord, and you should allow them to rest. You can do this by hosting staff-wide breaks that could last for a week or so.

Feedback – Having a team under your wing means they need to know how their work impacts the community. It’s essential to give your team regular feedback so they know that they’re doing the right thing. This could be in the form of a DM, a message, a voice chat or even a little note. And don’t be afraid to let someone know if they need to improve in a specific way, we don’t grow without criticism, just remember to give it in a friendly and constructive way.

Consistent Improvement – Similar to offering feedback, you need to give your team the opportunity to consistently try new things and improve. As a community leader, you’re responsible for giving your staff the tools and skills that they need to do their job effectively, this includes making sure they’re aware of the community and moderation policies as well as how things work around the place.

Trust – One of the most important aspects of bonding is trust, you need to be able to trust your team to do their job effectively. If you don’t trust your team, then how could they possibly trust you as a community leader? This means ensuring that they have the permission to do their job, but it doesn’t mean giving them every permission under the sun as that’s just dangerous.

Rewards/Prizes – Your staff work hard for the community, it’s important to give them a chance to be rewarded besides the success of the community. If you can, feel free to host giveaways or give away small rewards to your staff team in order to reward them. This could be as simple as a gift card or handwritten note delivered via the postal system. The choice is yours.

Thanks for checking out this article on how to bond with your staff team. I’d like to thank Will for helping to contribute to this piece. He’s currently studying for a Diploma of Leadership and Management as part of his University Degree.