Bots: Fun Vs Moderation

Bots: Fun Vs Moderation

Fun Bots Vs Moderation Bots
Their are two main types of discord bots, Server Management/Moderation and Fun, Moderation bots are used to make a server easier to manage and moderate while fun bots are used for cool custom commands, games and economies. A few examples of Popular Fun And Moderation Bots include Dyno, Mee6, Auttaja, Pokecord, Dank Memer, and UnbelievaBoat. Lets Compare and Contrast the features of some of these bots

Features of these bots
Dyno: Used for Moderation/Server Management, Customizable Logging and Moderation

Mee6: Used for moderation/server management and Premium Features, Costumizable Everything

Auttaja: Used for Moderation/Server Management, Commands for every Moderation Siutation, Very Versatile

Dank Memer: Popular for Pepe the frog Icon, and “Pls <Porn or Meme>” commands

PokeCord: Used for fun, Popular Pokemon bot, Allows for in serevr pokemon gaming

UnbelievaBoat: Used for Fun, Allows for an extremely interestign economy, economy roles and items, and self assignable roles

As you can notice while most of the moderation bots have similar uses, Fun bots are typically very different when it comes to this, From whole different categories such as Pokemon, to memes, and to Economy, Although some fun bots do just give an overall list of fun commands for the most parts, Fun bots are a lot more unique than moderation bots.