Bots: Information

Bots: Information

In this post, Caelan runs over information regarding Discord bots: what they are, why they are important and some of his recommendations.

What Are Bots?

Bots are human programmed AI’s made especially for discord. Bots are very unique and are a main part of what makes discord unique. Bot’s can do many things to discord and your server’s in so many good way’s. Bots are basically what make you and discord there own unique thing.

Why Are They Important?

Discord Bots are the top priority of making a server. Bots help you monitor, set up & make your server fun and safe. Some bot’s that make servers the best are Anti Raid Bots and Auto Moderation Bots. These two categories help protect your server and they make sure you server is safe. The best bot’s to use for a server will be stated below.

Everything Stated Below Is In (#recommended)

Best Place To Find Discord Bots:




Recommended Bots To Use:

~ Dyno Bot (Does Not Cost Money) / Dyno Premium (Costs Money):

~ Mee6:

~ Giveaway:

~ MedalBot:

~ Dank Memer:

~ Yui:

~ Member Count:

~ ModBot:

I hope this gave you a quick understanding of what bot’s are and why they are important.