Building a Community — Meme Servers

Building a Community — Meme Servers

In this post I’ll give you a quick overview of making a meme-based server. I’m assuming that you have some experience with doing simple stuff, like adding text channels, voice channels, roles, and permissions.

Step One

To start off, create some important information text channels. This includes announcements, welcome message, and rules. Then, add your general area, with some simple text and voice channels. All of this is the base of any server.

Step Two

This is where your server’s uniqueness comes into play. For a meme server, I suggest having multiple channels for different meme types. Add any other channels you want, like a suggestion chat, for example. Add some bots to entertain your members. For a Meme server, I suggest adding Dank Memer. This bot is really good, however it is not the only choice. There are many more out there, you just have to look for them!

Step Three

The most important step, inviting people! Use bump bots like AYS’s very own Liam, or one of the many others. Invite your friends, too! Create an advertisement and post it on AYS, or one of the many others. REMEMBER: Do not DM advertise. It is extremely annoying and is bannable on most, if not all, listing servers.

I hope this short post helps you with your creation of a meme filled server!