Creating Community Events

Creating Community Events

Hello, and welcome back to my third blog post within AYS! I am soy from the AYS Journalism Team, and today’s topic is “Creating community events for your server!” We will be discussing event types you can host and much more.

The use of community events. Community events are hosted for the server community to bring life to the server and increase the community experience within the server. These events are usually hosted & managed by event managers, but server members can also contribute to these events. Let’s get to know the types of community events that you can host!

Types of events. There are many types of events you can host for the community. It can be game nights on game platforms and even on websites! You can also do movie nights so everyone can enjoy the show with someone else and karaoke nights. But one of the most common and fun events is competitions. These can be meme competitions and much more; you can also do giveaways!

Preparation. Before you start hosting events, please prepare a proper channel beforehand. Create something called ‘community-events’ in a category. This channel is going to be used to post event announcements and descriptions. Don’t forget to manage the permissions! We don’t want random people randomly hosting events. Or unless you want them to, of course.

Event rules. Once you’ve prepared the channel, ensuring your event is safe and regulated is extremely important; that’s why everyone should follow all rules! How do you make sure of this? You can always set rules and regulations for your community events. Some examples of the rules could be keeping your microphone muted during movie nights & following all general rules during events. Remember that event rules aren’t the only thing you need to look out for; you should also improve your event quality!

Event quality. Improving your event quality is also crucial; you can do this by hosting game nights on multiplayer games that would be great to play with multiple people, such as UNO and other board games online. Multiple-player games are recommended for game nights since it’s mainly used to bond friendships and improve the user experience so everyone can have a great time. You can also try to collect feedback and ideas from the attendees to improve future events.

Variation. It won’t be fun if you host the same game multiple times! Make sure to keep variation in your events; you can host different events such as giveaways and personalized events. Just remember that the goal is to have fun and increase user experience!

That’s all for my blog today. See you on my next blog, and good luck with hosting your events!