Discord’s 6th Birthday

Discord’s 6th Birthday

Discord’s 6th birthday just passed, and a lot has changed over those 6 years for the better. Discord has become a place where individuals have been able to come together to build communities over topics they are passionate about and in the 6 years a lot has changed. I can still remember back to the days when channel categories didn’t exist and you had to use channel dividers that were actual channels to keep everything separated.

Discord’s 6th birthday was celebrated by Project Blurple which we participated in this year. Project Blurple is a group project by large server owners who come together to change their server icons and profile pictures a blurple tint to show their support and to get their communities involved.

This year we were lucky to be a partner of Project Blurple to help support the event as well as Blurple Canvas which was pretty cool as well. Check out Project Blurple here: https://projectblurple.com. Thanks to all of those who helped to make Project Blurple Possible!

In other more important news, Discord has had a bit of a redesign which was unexpected but has happened. The original Blurple colour Discord used has now become bluer as well as the logo has been updated. You can read more about that here: https://blog.discord.com/happy-blurpthday-to-discord-a-place-for-everything-you-can-imagine-fc99ee0a77c0

Liam has also hit 4,000 servers which is an awesome milestone and we can’t thank everyone enough for helping us to help expand communities with our services. It has been a long journey for Liam but he is now stable and the development team at AYS has worked very hard to get him where he is today. If you want to add Liam or check him out, you can do so here https://liam.ays.gg