Discord Server: Making a Staff Application Guide and Info

Discord Server: Making a Staff Application Guide and Info

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This is a tutorial on making a staff application. This is the unofficial staff guide for AYS which means this guide is not just for AYS Applications but for other server applications.

Staff Positions

These are the staff positions that you would usually see in an everyday server. Some servers may have other roles that still contain to these positions/roles. Some applications may even have a question like “What position are you applying for” and might have a list like this:

  • Helper
  • Moderator
  • Administrator
  • Manager (Management)

Common Application Questions — Tips

When opening up an application on the server, you will usually see these type of questions maybe different questions but they are similar ones. Be sure that when you’re answering these questions, you are answering them understandable and not messy.

NOTE: Most servers require you to be at least 13 or 14 in order to be a staff member. This guide is for everyone to read.

  1. What is your experience with moderation: This question means, do you have any past experience with being on the staff team on other servers. On this question (if you do have experience) What kind of experience do you have and what kind of server was it; was it a Minecraft Server, a Discord server? Telling them doesn’t really matter, but it is something you should include in your application.
  2. Why do you think you would be fit for this position: What they are asking you is that why might you be qualified for the position you are applying for. Are you good a moderation, can you handle situations in a professional way? Do you have experience working with the same role you are applying for? Let them know the detail.
  3. Why would you like to be a staff member on [server name]: I’m pretty sure this is an easy question to answer, but here a few tips on how to answer this question. They are looking for detail on this question, tell them most things you know about moderation. Even if you are not a well-experienced staff member, try to give them as much information as possible. Are you good working with a team or by yourself and why? The more detail you provide, the bigger chance of your acceptance.

Application thoughts for Certain Questions

Here are some questions you may or may not ask yourself: “Why are they asking me this”, what should I say? Do I lie? Here are some reasons why they ask the following and what to do when witnessing these questions.

  • Why are they asking me about my age? The reason they are asking for your age in your application is because when members are looking for staff on their server, they are expecting a level of maturity coming from the applicant. No, they are not going to look you up and try to find you (basically impossible just for an age). They are just doing this to see if you have the right age that they require.
  • Why are they asking for my email address? This isn’t a known question that people may ask, but it is. Some servers require you to have your email address in your application. This is mostly found in Administrator / Management applications. This is so that they can communicate with you not only on discord/Teamspeak/skype but through email.
  • Some servers require me to have a microphone, is this normal? Yes, this is totally normal for applications to require a microphone. This is so it will be able to communicate easier either during interviews or various staff meetings. Some servers may not have this as a requirement but it’s also good to have a microphone just in case something pops up and you need to communicate through voice.

Do’s & Dont’s when creating an Application

There are multiple things you should not include/do in your application and include in your application. Like grammar and spelling, here are the things you should definitely include AND not include in your application.

  • Never say “Because I’m the best” When they are asking you “Why do you think you would be a great fit for this position”, Never ever say “Because I’m the best” or “Because I’m a good staff”. They are looking for reasons; don’t just full out say “Because I’m a good staff member”, show them how you would be a good role model/staff members without exactly saying it.
  • Always be aware of your grammar and spelling: In your application, you should always use good grammar and spelling. It’s not a big deal if you have at least some few grammatical errors or spelling mistakes in your application, but try to make your application full on good grammar. They aren’t seeing your application to test you if you have good grammar and spelling, they are looking at it as if you’re professional and aware of grammar just in case.
  • Always include detail in your application: This is one of the most important Do’s for your application. You should ALWAYS have detail in the important parts of the application; such as “Why do you think you should be a staff member” or “Do you have past experience with moderation, if so, please list them”. They want to see detail and effort put in your application. Show them that you are really determined to be a staff member on the server by providing them the best detail as possible.
  • Do not lie in your application: Lying in your application is one of the worst things you could possibly do. Either way, if your making an application or not, lying is not okay. Be honest in your application. For example, if you’re asking for your birthday month/year, give them your birthday month/year so they will know your will age. Because if they do ask this question and your birthday comes on the specific date you put, you will be confused and caught so never lie in your application!
  • Take your time in your application: Take all the time that you need in your application, never rush when you’re making it. Rushing can cause spelling / grammar errors without you even knowing. And when you’re taking your time, you are more focused and determined on the application. Rushing is basically saying “I want them to read my application so I can get accepted right away”. So make sure to put your time in your application, don’t speed and try to get it done fast just because you think it might get recognized first.

Thank you for reading this guide! This may be edited so look out just in case!