Discord's LATEST Community Features

Follow Generation Gamers as he takes you through the massive world of Discord, and this years best updates so far.

Discord's LATEST Community Features

Howdy Doo AYS! Welcome back, it's yours truly, Generation Gamers back with another epic blog. This week in AYS we take a turn to review the latest discord features, and honestly, some of these features are actually extremely useful. I know I for sure will start using them! Coming up!

Server Guides - This separate panel keeping all of your servers information in one place was just unveiled recently. It’s designed to remove numerous channels and create a centralised space where information can be found. AYS currently uses this, and it has definitely proven useful in the flow of the server as well as answering some questions. I would encourage you to set up Server Guides for your server! Read about it all here.

Onboarding - Right from when members join the server, you can prompt them with options for how they wish to participate in the server. This feature allows you to ask them automated questions and assign roles or channels based on their response. This is a useful tool which can possibly replace self roles, verification systems or streamline what they want to do on the server! AYS currently uses this for its self roles as well as finding out what people want to do in AYS.

Members Page - While this feature has been on Discord for a while now, it has just been remade, bigger and better. With the members page now visible for server staff, it has provided numerous security feature updates such as showing the join date, what invite they used, suspicious activity and recent timeout infractions. This can prove useful for monitoring new users coming in, and allows you to be notified if their account has been flagged.

Au Revoir, Discriminators - If you haven’t already noticed, Discord recently removed their Discriminator (The 4 digit tag at the end of your username). With this update, it also came with a new username change. You can set a username and a display name for all servers. Kind of like a nickname. For some servers, this may make it more difficult to track down people with the same username, so thankfully user IDs are still here!

Server Security Enhancement - Discord has made numerous security changes in the past few months, with the members page included. One of these new features is server admins being able to suspend (not revoke) all server invites, as well as disable the ability for members to DM each other (unless they’re friends). This is massive as it changes how DM Advertising and Raids function, with it being more difficult. Speaking of raids, Server Admins, have you noticed the new ‘Report Raid’ button on your servers? By clicking this button, you send a report directly to Discord HQ without having to file a ticket!

Of course, there are many more features on discord, but these 5 right here are what I believe are the most important game changers of this year. Who knows what updates we’ll see next year?! That was it for today’s blog, I hope everyone’s taken away something from this, I know I’ll be implementing that Server Guide right after this! See you next week AYS!