Eye Strain - Its True Horror

Eye Strain - Its True Horror

Howdy Doo AYS! It's Generation Gamers here! In this week's blog we will be exploring the eye, and what would happen if we used it too much for our discord needs. Coming up, a blog on how to truly manage your time on discord to cater for your eyes needs.

Our eyes are quite a vital part of ourselves, without our eyes we wouldn’t be able to see, which means our abilities can be ‘restricted’ in a way. By using your device for extended periods of time; you could eventually be susceptible to ‘Computer Vision Syndrome’, or better known as digital eye strain.

Management of Time - Discord can be both a good and evil element in ways, because it’s an online platform; it comes with its disadvantages, including harm to the eye. Now let’s say that we do want to restrict our time on discord, that would be a big positive, it would give you more time to do things, such as go out for some exercise, or even catch up with friends.

Moderation Burnout - You may be wondering, how is Moderation Burnout involved in this? By using discord for an extended period of time, constantly completing work for your servers, as stated in our Moderators Burnout blog, it can lead to eventual inactivity. Which is why it’s always best to take breaks when doing these types of things.

Addiction - I myself was quite stuck to discord a year ago, I just wouldn’t go outside, just be in discord. But of course that was pandemic time. The more you use discord, means the more you don’t spend outside of discord. Nowadays I meet with my friends every week! It’s always best to devote at least 4 - 6 hours per day where you aren’t using discord, so you can engage with others.

Health - Eye strain can have some lasting impacts on you, sometimes it lasts a day, sometimes it could last a long time. We have no way of identifying when eye strain will begin or end, but we can prevent it by controlling the usage of devices, and essentially giving your eyes a rest. Generally what I think is best is to have a 30 minute break every 2 hours you use a device, any time off of screens really helps in preventing Eye Strain.

Social Balance - You might think, I’m still socialising if I talk with my friends online, but in reality that isn’t socialisation, Socialisation is when you’re physically chatting or having fun together. Being online and behind the screen takes the fun and physical part out of socialisation, which sometimes turns into a habit of being inside, as said in the addiction point.

In the Name of Science - As stated in Harvard University's Medical Study, researchers have found that staring at your computer does in fact contribute to eye strain and tiredness. Some ways they have stated to decrease eye fatigue and eye strain includes; Taking hourly breaks, decreasing the lighting so it doesn't cause a glare, blinking regularly (The usage of screens cause less blinking.) If you take these steps; your eyes won't feel dry, tired or strained. Feel free to look at Harvard's study linked above.

Blue Light Glasses - Blue Light Glasses are starting to become more popular in eye wear, considering they block out the Ultra Violet Radiation which is causing this eye strain, this has been effective in most cases for eye damage prevention. The best part is; you can wear them constantly, every day, every night without anything happening, and you don’t even need a prescription. No wonder it’s starting to see a boom with the influx of technology nowadays. If you’d like to know more about Blue Light Glasses; take a look at this article from CNET.

Well that’s it from me! I hope you guys have enjoyed this week's blog and found it informative. Let us know if you have any suggestions to reduce eye strain down in the comment section! I know I certainly learned a lot from researching this topic. Toodles!