Finding Partnerships

Learn how to find partners for your Discord Server and the different methods in doing so.

Finding Partnerships

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Hello, and welcome to another blog post from AYS! I’m soy from the AYS Journalism Team, and today’s blog topic is “Finding partnerships” for your Discord server. We will discuss finding partners for your server and efficient ways for partnering, such as massing through portals. Let’s get started on the preparation stage.

Before we get into partnering with servers, you must have a server ad to be posted on other servers. Remember to set up a partnership channel to post various server ads, and this channel is supposed to be seen by the public and everyone within the server; you can add a partner ping if you’d like! That isn’t the only to prepare. Ensure that you make partnership requirements so your server doesn’t partner with random unrelated servers. You can set up conditions such as a specific member count, filtering server themes, server age, and how SFW it is. Sometimes people may offer you other types of partnerships, such as doing ping4pings (putting a ping while partnering) or rep4rep (joining each other’s servers as a representative.) Don’t forget to make a partnering advertisement too! Now that we have that done, let’s start finding partners.

Finding partners
Searching for partners is a pretty simple task. You can start by joining an advertising server or partnership portal to find partners easily. These servers usually provide a ‘find partners’ section to easily locate people looking for partners. Joining plenty of advertising servers and promoting your partner ad could get some people to message you, but you can also message others to partner with their servers. Some people can offer to partner with multiple servers too! Make sure both servers fit the partnering requirements to ensure your partnership works. But if you’re looking for many partners, you can check out partnership portals and listing servers. Here’s some information about them.

Partnership portals
Let me introduce to you partnership portals and massing. These servers are an important place for dedicated partnership managers; it’s also aimed to help owners and PMs grow their servers. What do people do on these types of servers? They partner with other servers in large amounts, known as ‘mass’ or ‘massing.’ It’s usually done with a ticketing system where you can open a ticket and post your advertisement to get started. There will be an extensive list of channels containing their server advertisement and requirements where you must paste them all within your server. Once you’re done, you can inform the staff, and they will post your advertisement on all of the servers listed. Some portals may set up checkpoints and guidelines of their own, so make sure you check in on that beforehand. If you want to look for more information on massing, stay tuned for future blogs.

That will be all from me today; thanks for checking out this blog. Best of luck finding partners, and stay tuned for the latest blogs. Have a wonderful day!