Grand Reveal! AYS Coaching!

Grand Reveal! AYS Coaching!

In celebration of AYS’s fifth birthday, we are launching a new program here at AYS!

This is a new revamp on our old Small Servers Program, however, we are renaming it, and changing the way we operate in order to provide a better service to our members. In short, the coaching program pulls together all of the great things that we offer at AYS. You’ll be partnered with a coach who has grown their own online community and has gone through our training program.

You will schedule a meeting time with your coach, and develop a personalized plan based on your time, and goals. Then our expert coaches will guide you through the process and help you succeed in your goals. All while providing advice and tips about growing your community they have learned themselves, or we have found in our years of helping communities grow!

If you are interested, we will be offering 3 plans, similar to the past, we will have a free tier, and two paid tiers, the perks structure is as follows:

  • Basic
    • $0 a month (Max 2 months; 4 sessions)
    • Biweekly sessions, 2 sessions/month
    • Limited to two months.
    • Must be between 15-18
    • Less than 200 members
  • Standard
    • $20 a month
    • Weekly sessions, 3 sessions
    • Standard Coaching Role on AYS
    • Priority Support through AYS Support
  • Premium Service
    • $35 a month
    • Weekly sessions, 4 sessions
    • Premium Coaching Role on AYS
    • Priority Support through AYS support
    • Liam Premium and Discord Expert Premium
    • Ask additional questions in between sessions to AYS Support for priority answers

You can signup for any of these tiers starting today at

We are also hiring for our coaching team at