Discord Community Growth - What is too much or little

Learn some top tips from Gen on how to focus on growing your Discord Server. Learn the best growth strategies as well as tips that have helped grow millions of servers.

Discord Community Growth - What is too much or little
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Hello and welcome back people to yet another blog! It’s your number one journalist Generation Gamers back! In today’s blog, we will be going through a very crucial reason why AYS exists, of course, that’s growth! Coming up!

Growth plays a vital element in discord servers, whether you’re an advertising server, gaming server or just a general community server. Everyone strives to have the best server, and achieve a large member count. Well, today I’m here to deliver some advertising tips!

High Volume – If you look at advertising servers; you can clearly see the most used channel would be the community-servers channel for advertising. While you can advertise in that channel; it’s most likely not to be seen, as someone else will post 10 seconds after you! This is why it’s always best to stick to channels that are less frequently used, or advertising servers with under 5,000 members. That way you can have as many people seeing your ad.

Let’s get Bumpin’ – You want to try and get your discord server on as many bump sites as possible and bump them every time your cooldown has ended. Personally, I like the sites where you don’t need to bump; you can just list it. Such as Top.gg. But some sites offer a tag feature; which is quite key as you want to use as many tags as you can, in order to be in as many categories as possible.

Partner Time! – Partnerships play a crucial part in your server's growth, by actually marketing your server to as many people as possible, especially servers which have a similar theme! For one of my servers, I set it so that servers that have under 200 members must ping @everyone, as over 200 people have our partnership ping. That way we gain as many members as possible!

Consistent Advertising & Partnerships – You may do your advertising and partnerships only once a week, but that is too little. Here at AYS, you can advertise 5 times every 24 hours! You should set a reasonable member goal each week, like gaining 25 members in a week and push yourself to advertise every day. Some servers like AYS didn’t get anywhere without a goal!

Teamwork makes the Dreamwork! – It’s always best to hire a whole team to advertise and make partnerships because then you’d most definitely gain members in no time! But don’t set a quota; otherwise, they’d be less inclined to work! But as stated in the last point; you should set a common goal of 25 joins per week; if your team achieves this! Maybe give them a reward, or do some of the things in one of our recent blogs Bonding with your Team – 7 Steps

Well, I hope you all will consider following these techniques on what to and what not to do when advertising your servers, and I hope you understand our main point is communication here. That’s it for today’s blog, and we hope to see you again next week! Stay Awesome!