Happy 4th Birthday to AYS

Happy 4th Birthday to AYS

Today marks the 4th birthday of AYS! It has been a long journey to get to this stage but it is amazing that we have managed to get here and there is so much more awesome stuff to come!

AYS has helped hundreds of thousands of communities grow and thrive on the internet and we have loved every moment of it. Helping communities is our passion and it is the most rewarding thing ever.

Getting to see communities go from nothing up to the hundreds of thousands of members is the best thing ever and we can’t wait to keep doing that.

To celebrate we are hosting a few giveaways over on our Discord Server so go check those out (https://discord.gg/promote)

As we reach our 4th birthday, we have a cool few things we want to release that we have been working on behind the scenes for quite some time.

Discord Growth Expert Expansion

We are increasing the services that our Discord Growth Expert’s offer.

We are now offering advertising plans where we will advertise your server for you with a bunch of different price tiers depending on how much you want it promoted: https://shop.ays.gg/product/advertising-plans/

We are also offering an SEO Optimization service where we will go to your listings on Discord Listing Sites and optimize them for you to make sure you appear at the top. https://shop.ays.gg/product/listing-optimisation/

Liam Update

Liam has also received a bit of an update behind the scenes with some cool new features:

  • Added bump confirmation message due to popular request
  • If your server has premium, the bump message is now different.
  • Guild owner is now notified when their guild is blacklisted
  • Auto restart to clear cache, lower memory usage and fix database rate limit and query issues.
  • General performance, cache, and memory improvements, along with updates to fix database errors.
  • Fixed prefix command. The prefix command now works and can be used to set guild prefixes!
  • You are now able to mention a channel instead of using the ID!
  • Updated setup commands. Fixed issues with error handling, and updated error messages.
  • Added the *support command
  • Updated most of the embeds, added some new embeds, and fixed some graphical issues.
  • Updated the error message sent when you attempt to use a premium command on a non-premium server.


We have also been doing a little bit of rebranding you may have noticed behind the scenes as we don’t just want to be a place to advertise your server, but also a place to find servers so servers that are advertised can receive exposure. That’s why we have gone and updated our advertisement. You can check it out in the our ad channel.

To celebrate our birthday we have put together a cool video which shows a little bit of our history as well as a way to celebrate how far we have come. Check it out below!

AYS Birthday Celebration Video
AYS Birthday Celebration Video
AYS Birthday Celebration Video