Here comes Summer!

Here comes Summer!

Welcome back to yet another post from us here at team AYS. Now is most definitely a great time to write to you all, we hope you’ve been having an enthusiastic week, for this week countries all over the Northern Hemisphere are finishing up their school year.

As many students are finally having their well earned break; you may want to reconsider HOW you spend it. People might just go crazy and choose to spend their time on their discord servers all day long, or even just sleep all day long, when yet, there are far too many things you can instead do that are beneficial not just for you, but your peers. Coming up, tips on how to effectively use your summer break.

Friendship Matters You might choose to chat online with members of your Discord community, but how can you account for the eye strain? How can you have a casual conversation with your real friends when you’re too busy talking to your online community and doing work? You may want to instead take this summer to make new online friends, but in reality; seeing your friends and sparking better friendships is better than working on your digital community

Education Opportunities Yes, education, the one word no one wants during summer. But if you really think about it; you have from June to September, that’s 3 months, in those 3 months you can learn a lot! Everyone says AI is the way of the future; which is why more and more people are learning programming languages, something that can be learned at home. Maybe you could be the bot developer of a brand new Dyno 2.0, just saying…

Helping Hands Parents. They may nag you to get off Discord every once in a while, but they are the only individuals who don’t get a summer break, yet they still need to care for many of us, why don’t we devote some time every day to help out our parents, like learning how to cook, or cleaning, or even running errands. You can gain new skills and learn how to do more things by asking your parents and helping them, yet you might be doing this in the future for your children.

Nature’s Requirement Nature is still important, so is exercise. Many people choose to stay inside, under the cover of Air Conditioning and Discord life, when they can explore their community; go to the pool, grab an ice cream! The thing about nature is that it is an open space; an open space of fresh air, and brainpower! Your mental health and safety is more valuable than your community.

Breaking Point There is a reason why communities have a Leave of Absence system for staff, it is because everyone needs a break. Summer isn’t just a break from school; It is a break from life. You use this time to relax, and enjoy yourself. The least we can do is take a few hours and tasks off of our list of tasks on discord every day.

Screen Addiction In the summer, you of course have too much time, and considering screens are everywhere; you result in that for entertainment. The thing is, once you use your device every single day continuously, you will get addicted to your new entertainment life. Now this also decreases your outdoor, friendship, assistance factors to your life. Meaning when you return to school; it can be hard to get back into study mode.

We hope all of these tips will helpfully assist you in making better to-do choices during your summer break and any future ones. As your community & digital footprint grows; it will require more and more work to keep everything in tune and updated. But you, of all, are the top priority.

Wishing you a #TheSummersOn!