How Adam Built a Community for his Audience

Learn how Adam built an online Instagram community for those dealing with Narcissistic Abuse.

How Adam Built a Community for his Audience

A bit about you
Adam Bowcutt

What you’re up to in life (work, uni, school, etc):
Writing and speaking on mental health. Plus, building communities and serving my audiences! c.    

How long you have been running your community for:
About 9 months

Anything else cool about you we should know:
I used to be a sponsored snowboarder, competed in slopestyle. Bipolar, and mentally wealthy!

Why did you join/sign up to your community platform  
When did you sign up to the community:
Early 2022  

What pushed you to sign up:
Frustration of lack of real awareness

A short summary of your community  
Name of the community:

What it’s about:
Spreading real awareness about the dangers of narcisstic abuse, coercive control, domestic violence, stalking etc.    

What you do in the community:
Create content, moderate, engage.  

How do your members stay engaged (i.e. events):

What prompted you to create the community  
Frustration of lack of real awareness, personal experiences
What was the main way you grew the community?  
social media, creating, and sharing found content  that resonated
What are your top two tips for growing a community from scratch?
1. Think long-term how you can help add value to the community.
2. Consistency is most important.