How to Create Engaging Members

How to Create Engaging Members

Hey all, welcome back to another blog post! Today I wanted to talk a little bit about making engaging members on your online community. I recently recorded a video which is above that went over how to engage your Discord Members.

Here’s a recap of the video:


Events are a great way to grow your online community. They engage your members by providing asking them to participate in activities within the community which allows them to interact with other community members.

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Giveaways give your members the chance to win something special such as a gift card or in community perks such as a special flag or role. They give your members a reason to stay in the community as they have the potential to win free goodies.

Being Active Yourself

Being active yourself allows members to interact with you and shows them that the team behind the community is active and cares about the community. If you have a dead owner, you have a dead server.