How to efficiently advertise your server!

How to efficiently advertise your server!

Hello! Welcome back to another blog post for AYS! I’m Soy from the AYS Journalism Team, and today’s topic is “How to efficiently advertise your server!” We’ll discuss ways to advertise your servers, advertising methods that can be useful, and the platforms you can promote on.

What’s efficiently advertising?

Efficiently advertising is promoting your server in the most efficient way possible! It’s a critical quality within server growth, and people are expected to advertise this way for efficient development. Whether it’s growth in member count, community activity, server interest, and improved user experience, you must advertise in various places, so many people can see your server and get a chance to join it! Let’s get started on the preparation for your Discord advertisement.


Creating an advertisement for your server beforehand is essential since what will you do without an ad? Your advertisement will be posted everywhere, typically during advertising on Discord (Advertising servers & Partnerships). That’s why you have to make sure it looks good and tidy, and you can try to find help on creating an advertisement with our other blog here! Once you’ve made an eye-catching ad, we can get into efficiently advertising on Discord.

Efficiently advertising on Discord.

On Discord, you have many places to advertise and share your server. These can be advertising servers like AYS and partnerships with other servers. But how do you advertise efficiently? You can try to join plenty of advertising servers and constantly advertise there. You can also post on some self-advertising channels (some servers provide those channels). But of course, there are various ways to spread your advertisement. We’d recommend trying partnership portals that can get you plenty of partnerships, and even consider using bump bots. These bots will bump your server to the top of their listing sites; we’d suggest you use a bot such as Liam.

Make sure you make use of the full limit of all the products we offer, so bumping every few hours with Liam and advertising as much as you can in AYS to reach your full potential.

Efficiently advertising on other platforms.

Discord isn’t the only platform you can advertise on! There are plenty of other platforms that can help boost your server growth. You can try to promote your server through YouTube or Tiktok videos. Not to mention, you can also use about me on applications such as Instagram and Twitter.

You can also make a Twitter account for your server! You can use it to post announcements and general updates to your server. So there’s a bigger chance that someone can see your server and join it.

That will be all for my blog today! Thanks for reading this blog, and good luck with advertising efficiently to grow your server. Have a great day, see you later.