How to find the perfect discord server for you [GUIDE] & AYS Update | The Discord Path

How to find the perfect discord server for you [GUIDE] & AYS Update | The Discord Path


I’m probably aware that there are more guides to this, but this is just my guide. Hopefully, it helps, if you have any suggestions, feel free to leave a comment below.

Does this server fit my interests?

Ask yourself; does this server fit your interests? Does this server participate in various events that you might like? Being in a server you don’t have an interest in is boring. Your head might be telling you to leave but you can’t. So make sure the server provides the right amount of interest for you. Don’t join a server that you know you’re not going to be active on.

Does this server have well-organized staff?

It is important that the staff on the server are well-known staff members and never-abusing staff members. Make sure the staff members are the staff members you are safe around. Do they have access to punishment commands, staff members are here to make the staff safe and support you.

Is this a toxic-based community?

Being in a toxic-based community is never good. It only shows that the server has no care for itself and just it’s toxic members. Toxic members can offend you, not even knowing how much. Make sure the server has a low toxic member count; most none toxic members at all.

Unless people are use to getting offended and they don’t care at all, rate servers (in your own head) on their toxicity level. Ask yourself, what number/should I give this server? 1 being the best and 4 being the worst! This only has to do with the toxicity.

1- Non-toxic discord server

2 — A little bit toxic, but not 100%

3 — Half users are toxic, leave now.

4 — Toxic community, I should leave.

AYS is currently having a Logo Contest Event. You are able to submit your logo in #logo-submission. Note, this has to be your logo that you have made, it cannot be something that you have found online.

AYS Logo Submission Event

One May 22nd 2019, the best logo will be picked and prizes for Winners 1st & 2nd place will be chosen.


1st Place –

  • One month of classic discord nitro
  • Special role called event winners.

2nd Place –

  • Server featured in #special-servers
  • Free Liam premium for a month

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Originally published at on May 19, 2019.