How to find the perfect Moderators and Admins | The Discord Path

How to find the perfect Moderators and Admins | The Discord Path

Hey everyone,

Today I will be making a guide on finding the perfect moderators and admins. This guide will be tagged “Staff Management” so it will be easier to find in the Staff Management section. Also, there will be a new page; also called Staff Management; this page will feature all the staff tips that our blog authors have created.

Important things to know about hiring

It is pretty easy to find moderators but it could be difficult to find admins. When finding moderators, you are basically wanting users who are able to moderate the chat and punish users at a necessary time. It is important to note that moderators aren’t here to manage the server or manage the staff, they are here to help the server, punish and moderate it.

There is a medium gap between the roles of “Moderator” and “Administrator”. When you are looking to hire an admin, you are looking to hire either someone who can do the following:

  • Manage the staff team along with the rest of the server.
  • Read over staff applications and select the detailed ones.
  • Develop the server, create channels and have admin permission.
  • Be apart of a certain team such as; development team, etc.

Things to look for in a moderator

Like said in the last title, moderators are here to moderate the chat and punish when necessary. In order to find the best moderator (this can be when they make an application or they are interested in being a moderator on your server/on your staff team), look for the following:

  • Look for their communication skills as moderators will be communicating a lot.
  • Their age, it is important that they are extremely mature.
  • Experience, the more experience, the better moderation skills they have.
  • Knowledge of commands; meaning they have an outstanding knowledge of punishment commands (depending on the permission you give them)

There are of course more things to look and see if the user is eligible to be a moderator on your server. These are just the important ones so please make sure your moderator has these or is mostly close to having them

Things to look for in an administrator

Like said above, when you are looking for an admin, there is a big difference as if you are looking for a moderator. Most servers promote admins as a promotion if you have done a well job as a moderator.

Some servers however have groups. Like management groups, development groups, community management. Most admins have a specific task to do for the server. Some servers pay their admins but only for development reasons (and others)

If you are a server that promotes admins if your moderator has done a fantastic job, you should look for their traits here while you consider. You should look for the following traits of the moderator before promoting them:

  • Communication skills (have they had good communications skill as a moderator)
  • Management Skills: they have experience with administrating and management with discord.
  • Channel Skills: They have a good knowledge of discord and creating discord channels.

It is also good to find an admin probably above the age of 14 as the known staff requirement age is 13 because (like said above) some servers require admins to manage the staff team.

How to hire admins / moderators.

It’s usually good to hire moderators by making an application form either on google forms or getting an Application Bot on discord. There are many ways you can get applications from moderators. The best way to get their application response and get questions you need to know before hiring them is by creating a good form.

Hopefully this guide helps, it could be edited so be sure of that. If you have any suggestions, feel free to submit it in the comment section.

AYS Blog Updates

We have added a “Staff Management” page so that way it would be easier to access staff-related tips and guides.

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Originally published at on May 20, 2019.