How to host successful and popular events

How to host successful and popular events

Hey guys! Panda here! I’m one of the new blog authors, so I thought I might go over something very helpful to have an active community, hosting events.

Now, you might think, “All I need to do is have some staff do some events, like a movie night, karaoke, or something like an art or writing competition every now and then.” This works, but you probably will only get a couple of members participating each time. To have successful events with many members participating, here are some things you might want to do.

Make Sure it is Something They Want to Do

When you want to do events, make sure your community actually likes the idea. You can figure out what they would rather have by either hosting all of your events at first, and only use a few of the most popular, like the top five or top three, or you could have a poll, where members can react to what events they want to have. You can do something like this!

Remove Old Events and Add New Ones

You might come across times where an event starts off with getting 20 members participating but a few weeks later only three members show up. This is when you have to switch things up. Remove the event that became unpopular, and replace it with a different event that you think would do well. Or, you could do a poll for what they want to replace and what they want to replace it with.

Allow Suggestions

Make sure to ask your community for possible events! They are your best source for possible events! Just ask them, and then once you get a few suggestions, you can hold a poll (polls really help!) and see what events would help you have an active community! Keep your members happy, and you will grow your server and they might invite their friends!

Have Dedicated Event Staff

Another key thing to having successful events is having assigned event staff. They could just be event staff or even part of your normal staff team. Having assigned event staff will allow your members to have a connection with them and they will want to come back and possibly invite friends.

That’s it for today! Join me next time for some more!