How to set up guidelines for your server!

How to set up guidelines for your server!

Hello, and welcome to my first blog post within AYS! I’m soy from the AYS Journalism Team, and today’s blog topic is “How to set up guidelines for your server!” We will be discussing creating rules, policies, regulations, and more for your servers, so let’s get started!

The use of server guidelines. Server guidelines are crucial for all servers; to regulate the community on what and what not to do. It keeps them safe and improves their experience within the server, thus improving the community. That’s why server staff must set reasonable rules and regulations for their servers.

Preparing the channel. Firstly, you should make a ‘#rules’ channel on your server. Make sure it’s in a proper category! This channel will contain rules and policies your server will enforce. Don’t forget to manage the permissions; making sure only staff members can operate it. Once completed, you can begin setting up regulations and policies for your server!

Setting up regulations. Secondly, you need to create the regulations to fill up your channel! You should make reasonable regulations and create a fitting punishment if someone breaks the law (We will discuss this later on). Here are some examples of rules and regulations that all servers should have:
1. Remain respectful to everyone, no exceptions!
2. Use common sense.
3. Do NOT spam chats in community text channels.
4. No NSFW content. If there isn’t a proper channel. (Includes images in profile pictures and usernames)
5. No racism, homophobia, and hate.
6. Do not find loopholes within the rules.
7. You MUST follow the Discord Terms of Service and guidelines.
8. Use channels properly. (No bot commands in community text channels and use channels as intended to)
9. No self-promoting in community text channels. (Unless there is a proper channel for this)
10. Do not ping or DM any staff member unless it’s necessary.
11. No excessive swearing.
You may change these rules to an extent. Server staff can add more regulations to ensure everyone stays safe and improves the community experience.

What’s next? Making sure the regulations and policies are functional and reasonable is only one part of what you must prepare. The next thing you need to do is implement the punishments for each regulation. Let’s talk about enforcing these laws.

Enforcing the law. Each policy should have a punishment linked to it, whether it’s a strike, warning, or mute. The more someone breaks the community guidelines, the severity of the penalty will be worse, such as a warning, mute, and a kick. Server staff such as moderators will be enforcing these regulations. Moderators will decide the severity of the punishment and hand it out as seen fit. Moderators must execute a fair punishment for those who break the law.

This is the conclusion of the blog, that’s all from me! Good luck with setting up your regulations & policies. Have a wonderful day!