How to Effectively Take Discord Breaks

Learn how to take a break from building and advertising your Discord Server so you don't tire and burn out.

How to Effectively Take Discord Breaks

Good Day, and Willkommen to another blog! This week we have another awesome topic for all of you members out there! Today’s blog will revolve around Discord Breaks, and why they’re so crucial to our lives.

Every single day, there are over 14 million users using Discord, and you are one of them! However, the key question remains, is Discord too addicting or overused? The answer is not what you think, Coming up!

Weekly Paradise - You might consider breaks to be something like a once-a-month thing, but you should always have a day every week or so where you actually aren’t doing anything on Discord, and instead just relaxing, and having fun. I know a couple people who do this, and I’m even giving myself Wednesdays off sometimes! Having a single day of relaxation might just be useless, as it’s just one out of seven days. But frankly, it isn’t about how often or long it is, it’s about you getting quality relaxation time.

Best Friends 4 Life - If you are just like me, you have over 200 people on your friend list, and you do enjoy talking to most of them! They don’t have any expectations for responding to their messages, some of them can even go for a month waiting! So I think your friends wouldn't mind if you ‘dropped off the grid’ for a few days. Besides, I’m sure they will also take breaks like you after this!

SPEEEED - Once you have taken a break, gotten a sleep-in, maybe got to go out with friends and relax at home, you will feel so energised to return to work the next day, in fact, many studies including WeForum have found that this is, in fact, true, and also engages people in a ‘work-life balance.’ In essence, you will be more productive and more engaged in whatever it is that you do in Discord!

The Safe Way - Studies completed by Harvard Medical indicate that working too hard, without that much of a break, can affect your mental & physical health. Now I may be mentioning Mental Health many times, but in reality, this is all true, and can have a huge impact on you! Especially when you’re overworked, in some cases this can cause heart attacks and strokes, and this has already happened to some people!

Maintaining good PR! - Having great relationships is great,  sometimes I want to go out and have fun with my friends, but I cannot leave my screen! Having a single day per week or so will definitely mean the world for not only you– but your friends as well!

That's it for this blog today, I hope you found this blog informative, and I hope you’ll take more breaks now, cause I for sure will be. See you all in the next blog and take some rest!