Interview With Will | The Discord Path

Interview With Will | The Discord Path

Today we will interview Will, who is part of our wonderful management team!

1. What do you think makes a successful server?

The people who work for it and the uniqueness of the server.

2. What do you think made AYS successful?

AYS has been successful because of our team. We’re what appears when you search on google for grow discord server etc. We invest a lot of time into research and ways in how to grow your server which no other server does.

3. What would you like to say to people who want to make a discord server or are trying to grow one?

Make sure it’s original. There are so many community servers. Most of them fail because the market for them is massive.

4. How did you grow AYS?

We partner with a lot of other large servers that help us get members as well as listing sites.

5. Tell us about some of AYS’s history.

AYS was founded in 2017. The server was originally just advertising but now it’s much more than that.

6. What do you think are some factors that make up an unsuccessful discord server?. Anything else you would like to say?

Things like bad staff. If you have abusive staff it’s not going to go well. Also, make sure that the server is well organized.

7. Anything else you would like to say?

There are so many things that servers are yet to exist for. So start thinking and good luck. AYS will always have your back.

That’s all for today! Join me next time when I interview some of the AYS Partners and also some of AYS’s very own users! Until next time, this is Panda, signing off.

Hey I am Will the current owner of Advertise Your Server. I have been building servers and bots for a long time so I hope to share my passion with you.

Originally published at on September 13, 2018.