Liam is Back!

Liam is Back!

Well, 4 months later, Liam is now back and better than ever before. It has certainly been a long journey bringing Liam back with multiple devs working on him and numerous issues popping up along the way. We have spent countless hours working on bringing this bot back and we are so excited to be able to share it with you guys once again! This is a very special day for us and we hope you can join in on the enthusiasm!

Tutorial on how to set up Liam

We have had to completely rebuild the bot from scratch so this means your server will need to be set up again as we are using a much better database system. But not to worry, we have made this process as smooth as possible. All you have to do is run the setup command and follow the instructions, we even made a tutorial on how to do it. Check out the tutorial below to learn how to set up the bot.

Tutorial on how to set up Liam

We have also made very extensive documentation on how to use Liam, the commands, how it works, premium, some faq and the rules of using Liam. These should answer any questions you have about Liam.

As always, there will be bugs as this is still a pretty new bot so if you encounter any just send AYS Support a DM over on our Discord server or email us at and we will investigate and resolve the issue for you.

I want to give a big shoutout to all of those who helped with bringing this bot back. Everyone has worked very hard in order to bring this bot to life and it couldn’t have been done without all of them.

Rory#0005 — Secondary Developer/Docs Creator 
Airbus A330–200#0001 — API/Discord.JS Consultant/Bug Testing John.#5155 — Discord.JS/Javascript Consultant 
Eqi#2324 — Website Developer/Data Protection/Bug Testing 
andyy#1337 — Infrastructure Manager/Bug Testing 
Anigami#0001 — Original Developer 
rubabredwan#3074 — Database Tech 
Stephen#2806 — Head of Marketing

We have also put together a group of quick links to important sites in order to use the Discord bot. We will add help articles soon but for now, we have the documentation available below.

Quick links:
Main site: 
Discord Server: 
Invite the bot: Premium: 
Help Centre: 

Thanks so much for choosing AYS for your advertising and growth needs and if you have any questions just hit us up!

Until next time,

Chief Executive Officer