Life Cycle of a Discord Server

Life Cycle of a Discord Server

Hello and welcome back to another blog from us at team AYS! It has certainly been a while since I wrote to you all. We figured this would be a great time to cover the wide aspects of Life Cycles, but for your communities. Coming Up!

Every community has a Life Cycle, just like humans do, even AYS has a life cycle. People come and go, Features come and go, and the world and the server is a revolving place. So we are here to talk to you about combating this life cycle, and how it can affect your server.

Community Activity – Every server has times where no one is talking, that’s all part of the cycle. That can happen for a number of reasons, such as your server mainly attracting only one region, or maybe no one is available, or people just don’t know! What could be worthy is having a form of @Dead Chat Ping, or maybe invite some new people to join the server!

Bumps in the Market – Servers can have maybe once a month when their member count just stops moving, they’re stuck at a particular amount. Well I can tell you I’ve been through my share of those, and I got through them by teaming up with my team and advertising like crazy, but another thing that can detract members could be the server itself, is it too dead? Is it too confusing? We never know, so we act upon our own judgment to update things.

Backfiring Demands – Have you ever made a decision that sparked the entire server? Sometimes, as a server manager myself, we can make the wrong decisions, this can cause members to break the rules, leave, spam the suggestions or support, it can really backfire. But every community goes through this. This is why it is always best to actually ask your community what they thought of this idea and get a poll running. It always makes the members feel happy and included, as if this is the place they want to spend time chatting in.

The Nuclear Option – Have you ever felt that you and your staff were just so burned out? That there wasn’t anything you could do at all? Many server owners just choose to give up once their server loses interest. But it’s all about persistence, and your and your staff’s will to keep the server running. I mean there are over 2 million discord servers, there are going to be quite a few servers deleted because of staff burnout.

We hope these tips strongly assist you in understanding the entire life cycle of a server, considering the ups and downs a server goes through. Some of these tips can assist your server in getting through growth bumps, burnouts, server disagreements, and activity. That’s all from me this week, make sure to keep your server awesome!