How to Make an Awesome Advertisement for Your Discord Server

Learn how to create an awesome advertisement/copy for your Discord Server to advertise it.

How to Make an Awesome Advertisement for Your Discord Server

Hello, and welcome to another blog post in AYS! I’m soy from the AYS Journalism Team, and today’s blog topic is “Creating the perfect advertisement for your server!” We will discuss advertising preparations and some stuff you need to look out for in an ad.

The use of server advertisements. Server advertisements are crucial for the growth of a server. That’s why you to prepare all aspects of the server advertisement is perfect! These would include the length and appearance of your server ad. Let’s discuss preparation before making the advertisement and perfecting the aspects.

Preparation. Before we get onto anything else, there are some things you need to prepare to make a server advertisement. One of these things is a server invite link. Make sure to use permanent invite links; so old invites can still allow entry into your server! Go on a few advertising servers beforehand to post your ad. Once done with both, we can get onto the next topic.

Server advertisement. Let’s start with making the advertisement! Firstly, grab the server name; this will be used as a title, and put it on the top of your server ad. You can follow this title with a sentence greeting readers into the server and letting people know the server description. After completing the server description, you can show the server features and what you offer within the server! Make sure to add your invite link!

Advertisement length. Making sure that your server advertisement has a perfect measurement is crucial. It makes sure that your server ad doesn’t look uneven and sloppy. You can do this by decreasing the words in sentences that seem too much (sentences in the server description). Deleting these words can make it look less wordy. If not, you could split a sentence into two different lines to make sure it seems tidy & even.

Advertisement appearance. Your advertisement shouldn’t only be texts! Feel free to add it with emojis and rich texts. You can put emojis at the end of sentences or edges of your server title. Don’t stop there! You can also add rich text to make sure your text looks eye-catching and appealing to readers. It’s the real purpose of perfecting the advertisement’s appearance.

Keep exploring other ideas. Searching for various concepts is also great! Such as creating a server banner at the end of your advertisement to capture the perfect look. Special symbols can also benefit you, but there are many other ways and ideas to improve your server ad!

That will be all from me for today! Best of luck with creating your server advertisement and perfecting it.