Behind Mass Partnerships & Portals on Discord

What are mass partnerships and portals? They are places where all servers that want to partner are kept in an alliance making it much faster and easier to partner.

Behind Mass Partnerships & Portals on Discord

Hello, and welcome back to yet again another AYS blog! I’m soy from the AYS Journalism Team, bringing you the latest blog. Today’s blog topic is “Massing” and Partnership Portals. We will be discussing finding partners through massing and utilizing partnership portals. Not only that, I’ll be showing you a guide on how to mass! Let’s get to know what these important tools are.

What are portals?

Portals are where an AM (Advertising Manager) or PM (Partner Manager) keep all the servers they work for and allow people to come and mass! These portals will enable them to partner quickly within a short period by copying and pasting server ads from channels. Once you’re done posting all the advertisements, you can inform the portal staff to post your server ad on all their servers. Now that you understand massing let’s prepare everything we need.


Before you get into massing in portals, you must prepare a server advertisement to be posted on other servers within the portal. Remember to create a channel for your partnerships that all server members can view. Not only that, ensure you make a partnership requirement that suits your server. Once you’re done with that, join a portal that suits your server theme! Make sure to join the correct portal since some portals are usually themed, such as minimalistic server portals. It is also best to mass/partner with a server similar to your theme. Now that you have everything prepared, let’s make sure you know all the terms related to massing.

Massing Terms

A few massing terms can get confusing from time to time, so I’m here to explain and make sure you understand all of them. You’re supposed to post various server ads in a specific order when massing. If it says “b2t”, scroll to the bottom and post all the ads from bottom to top. If it’s “t2b” then it’s top to bottom. Make sure to read the request and requirements for each server! Copy the server advertisements and post them in your partnership channel. You may also run into some checkpoints where they ask you to tag the channel or type something in your ticket to avoid scamming. There are also more terms, such as “n2p” (Need to post) and “w2p” (Waiting to post). “Sep” or “separate” means to post after a certain amount of time since it usually gains more invites. “Batch” means posting server ads with no cooldown between each advertisement to get things done much quicker. Now that you’ve made it this far into the blog, we can finally start on the massing tutorial!


Let’s begin starting the massing process. Start by opening a ticket, usually through a channel called “mass”. Most portals generally have server requirements or guidelines within the ticket/channel, so look into that beforehand! Once the ticket starts, a bot usually informs you to run a command to begin the massing process. Just follow all instructions that the bot gives you and post all the advertisements from t2b/b2t. Copy the advertisements within the channels and post them on your server. Make sure to read their requirements in their channel too! You might also run into checkpoints that require you to say a word in your ticket, like we talked about earlier. Once you’re done with the massing process, you can follow the bot’s instructions given to you beforehand. It’s usually a command such as “.done” once you’re done posting all the ads. After you post the command, almost 90% of the time they will require you to provide them with screenshot proof of some of the ads you posted. Remember to state if you want to separate or batch your server advertisement. And congratulations! You finished the massing process, at least everything you need to do.

Partnership Plans

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Finishing the process

Once you’re done with that, you must wait until the staff post your server advertisement on all those servers! Usually, they’d inform you through your ticket and post completed masses in a channel. You can tell if your ticket is being processed if your ticket channel name turns into something such as n2p (Need to post).

That will be all from me today; I’m soy, and thanks for checking out this massing blog! Good luck with massing for your servers, and have a great day!