Member Engagement - 5 Tips on Engaging Members

Howdy Doo AYS, Generation is back yet again with another blog! In today’s blog we will be talking about Member Engagement. In some servers you always get to a point in time where there isn’t any activity. But, never fear; we can prevent that with 5 simple tips. Coming up!

Member Engagement is a crucial element when it comes to every single server, it controls the vibe, the growth, the activity, and of course the participation. Generally most servers under 500 would face some form of risk of member dissatisfaction if not engaged in activities throughout the server.

All About Events - Events are such a crucial part of server activity, they attract members to compete against each other but it also provides them with something fun to do. Rather than scrolling through Instagram all day, an event can greatly encourage others to join in. But be careful with doing events which last less than a day, because we need to account for different time zones.

Light it Up - Per the name, spark some new chatting topics yourself, get your staff to chat at random times when the chat is dead. By starting the conversation yourself, you are more likely to get a response from a member. As members in a few cases don’t know what to talk about, but they know how to carry a conversation on!

Bot Gamers - Bot games are one of the popular activities to use in a discord server, such as Dank Memer, Idle Capitalist or even Mimu. The reason both games are so popular is because they don’t need anyone else to start the game for them, they can play at any time they please. Which is why; it is always strongly recommended to invite many bot games which are popularly used.

The More The Merrier - You ever hear that saying? Essentially; the more members you have, it means that your server could face more activity; there could be a lot of committed members if you try your best to give the members as much fun as possible. Of course, in order to grow, you also need good levels of Member Engagement. Meaning they both support each other, and need to be done at the same time for cohesive results.

The Art of Gifting - Many servers don’t have cash lying around, but in-server perks can be better than doing nitro giveaways or such huge event prizes. You could create a currency system, make custom roles, form levelling perks, and many more! By doing things such as these; you are giving yourself giveaway prizes and new member ‘wants’/attractions to the said items. Of course, the prizes and the customisation can be endless.

That’s it for this blog on Member Engagement; I hope everyone found these 5 tips significantly important to the growth of your own servers. Just remember to put in the effort and don’t give up on making your server active and big! See you in the next blog…