Moderation Burnout - Its True Effects

Moderation Burnout - Its True Effects

Welcome back to yet another post from us here at team AYS. It’s been a while since I made a post 🙂 We hope you’ve been having an enthusiastic week, for this week we focus on a common thing that many people face, Moderator Burnout, coming up!

Currently, on discord there are 6.7 Million servers, imagine who would be running most of them, staff. Staff is essential for servers like ours, to keep it running smoothly. Now people might think when they get started on discord, “Oh let’s apply for mod in a couple of servers”, in reality this can take a turn for the worst.

Reputation – If you apply for a server; you’re expected to maintain a form of activity, and dedication to said server, if you were to be fired, well– would that look good on your online discord resume? Would people be willing to refer you? If you have a moment where you were fired for inactivity, would someone hire you? Maybe, but you want the best chances you can get.

Outside Life – Like everyone else, you need time to yourself. You need to be offline, how can you do that when you’re trying to work for 20 servers and maintain your role? How can you balance your social skills, health, and friendships? Generally the amount of servers you should work for is between 3 – 10, that way your time isn’t being demanded all the time. 

Learning – When you enter a job; you have the expectation of yourself that you want to learn something, whether it is what the job of Human Resources is, or how to be a good moderator, every server is able to offer some form of teaching/training for their server. Would you be able to learn when you’re too busy worrying about all the servers you’re working for?

Demand – Nowadays, people are wanting to be paid for many jobs, people are more desperate for staff, when a server doesn’t have enough staff– the demand falls to people like yourself, you and a few others are expected to keep the server fully functioning, and handle things which you don’t even know how to! Being a staff member can sometimes be tough, and we all have our bad weeks sometimes. 

Breaking Point– You ever feel like you’re being stressed out, overworked, or even upset with your current role? Yet you wanted to do this position a week ago? It can be understandable, and by getting to your breaking point, you just start to lose hope, or motivation into that server, you drop off the radar, things like this can be common.

Health – You ever wonder, what can a screen possibly do to your health? Well for starters– during the week you’re either attending work or school (unless it’s a holiday), and the weekend is your time to unwind. With discord; the weekends are probably the most actively busy times of the week, so you wouldn’t have any breaks, to go outside, eat food or actually socialise. The thing is your mental health is valued here.

We hope these tips assist you in choosing your servers to work for, so overall, you should be keeping your employment count to 1 – 10 servers, and actually speak up when you need a break, and don’t forget to stay active AYS!