Natural vs Unnatural Growth

Natural vs Unnatural Growth

Natural vs Unnatural Growth

Hey guys, it is time to bring up the AYS newsletter! Today we are going to be looking at natural and unnatural growth and the difference between these two discord growth phenomena.

What is natural growth for servers?

Natural growth for a discord server means that the discord server is growing through natural means, for example, a server owner (or staff member) advertises a server to a listing server such as AYS, or be bumped onto the network through a bump bot (like Liam) and gaining members that way. This is a much slower process, but members tend to be more active and more engaged in the community. Another point is that your server will grow more in the long term. Members from this type of growth tend to stick around much longer, and be active participants in the community while they are around. This type of growth can be found on many active community servers. One thing you have to remember is this growth isn’t instantaneous. This form of growth will take time and effort on behalf of the staff, and owner. However, due to the great pros of this, it is the recommended way to grow as it yields a much better server and community. Remember, if you need any help, just reach out and our Growth Experts are happy to help!

What is unnatural growth for servers?

Unnatural growth for a Discord server is growing through unnatural means, which is almost always, with few exceptions, quick, painless, and effortless growing. For example, A Discord server owner posts an advertisement for 5 nitro giveaways and to join the associated server to enter such giveaways. Members tend to grow really fast, as they want to enter and win the Nitro causing this to be unnatural growth. Its not naturally formatted, as the people joined just for the Nitro, many of which, will not actually engage with the community. This will often result in pretty rapid growth in exchange for this is the lack of activity and a higher join and leave ratio. The results of this are also very temporary. While you get members quickly and rapidly, they don’t tend to stay around for very long, and its unlikely a good percentage of them will be active while they are around. This type of growth can be found on invite rewards servers, as well as paid giveaways with a server join requirement Advertise Your Server, and growth experts strongly discourage this form of growth, due to its many downsides.

Natural growth or unnatural growth?

In almost every occasion, natural growth has more positives than negatives. This comes at the cost of sacrificing your time and to really take care of your own server.If your only goal is to grow fast and large, and don’t care about having a dedicated, active member base, than by all means, unnatural growth will do the trick. If you’d rather have an active member base, as well as a long lasting member base, natural growth is basically the only way to go! Remember, what comes fast goes fast, and what comes slow goes slow. Fast and rapid growth will fall apart and reverse itself much faster than slow growth.

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Thank you for your time and see you all next week!