On the Way to the Top Part 1: Get started.

On the Way to the Top Part 1: Get started.

Hello everyone! I am a new TDP writer. You call me Timmy. Today, I am going to start a new series of a tutorial called ‘On the Way to Top server’

First, you will need to ask yourself a few questions before you actually create a discord server.

  • Does this server have one specific topic? Many servers are not succeeded because of having a normal ‘chit-chat server’. These type of server won’t grow. Your server also won’t grow if the server’s theme is extremely competitive, for example, ‘Minecraft’. Minecraft is a popular game and it has tons of discord servers already. This is extremely difficult to get it on the top server. You will need to get special things (etc. custom bots) to make your server special.
  • Are you interested in your server topic? This one is pretty funny. Some people are not involved in their server’s topic but still, create their server. At last, they might give up because they don’t even like the topic the server is. So the key point is that you are actually interested in your topic.
  • Are you willing to be dedicated? This one is a pretty big point. Ask yourself this question: Are you willing to be dedicated all the time? Even you will have to give up the time you use to do your favorite activities and even your time to communicate with your friend, family members?

If you could answer the questions above on the guidelines above, you are ready to create your own discord server!

Create your own discord server

To create a discord server, you first needed to click the + button (the one circled in red)

Then you will need to click Create a Server, the one that is circled in blue.

Then you can edit your server description!

That’s all for now! I will make more later!

Thanks, Timmy