On the Way to the Top Part 2: Staff

On the Way to the Top Part 2: Staff

Hello everyone! It’s Timmy once again and today we are learning more about how to create a top server. Today I am going to show you how to hiring staff.

This topic has been done by many authors already, so I will try to make it unique and special.

Alright so, when you are hiring staff for your server, you should learn what position you need. The common positions that needed are:

  • Administrators
  • Moderators
  • Server developer (If you want self-coded bot and do not know how to code).

At the start, I would not recommend hiring a bunch of staff member, causing it like 10 staff, 1 member. As the start of the server, you might just need 1–2 staff member helping you. These staff members are going to help you with general issues and creating rules, channel, etc.

Who should I hire?

As your member count grows, you may hire some staff members. There are many ways to hire staff members. One of the most common ways is by staff application. By this way, you should choose applicants with most details because if they don’t even bother writing a detailed application, they may be not being hard if you approved them.

Another way I would suggest is to pick trustworthy users that spent days and weeks on the server. Ask them whether they are willing to become a staff or not. If they are not willing, don’t force them. Some people don’t want to become staff and just want to stay in the community.

Promote or demote?

This one quite simple, if they perform well and goes above and beyond the tasks, you might consider promoting. If they do not do anything, demote them.

That’s all for right now. I will continue this later.