On the Way to the Top Part 4: Entertainments

On the Way to the Top Part 4: Entertainments

Hello everyone, it’s Timmy again and we are here again to learn how to create a nice server. Today, I am going to teach you how to entertain your server members.

At the first post of ‘On the Way to the Top’, I have mentioned that you have to do something that will make your server special to have a successful server. Entertainments are one of the most important elements of one successful server. Imagine that you joined the server but without any games and stuff, would you stay long at that server? This comes with a clear answer — NO!

Speaking of entertainments of discord, what comes up in your mind? Games? I would say you are correct, but not quite, as not only games are available in discord servers.

What is included in the entertainments of discord? The meaning of ‘entertainments of discord’ is pretty wide, and can be held in different ways. Activities, events, games, competitions, and much much more. ALL of those can be considered as ‘entertainments’.

For small servers, I would suggest installing bots like Unbelievabots, Pokefun and other bots. They are really fun and really worth installing.

If your server has a budget, you can hold big activities and the winners get the reward. Make sure you make the prize attractive or no one will be interested in participating.

Finally, if you have a BIG server. Saying that you are 100% sure 100+ members will take part in ANY of your activities, you are able to make your activities to the next level — game contest. For example to the popular game — Minecraft. You may ask if any of your server members own Minecraft, including you. Then you should host your own server, or go on some popular servers, and start doing your activities.

That’s all for right now, I will make more this kind of tutorial later. Hope this short tutorial actually helps you from creating a successful server. Next article trailer: On the Way to the Top Part 5: Bots. Stay tuned.