On the Way to the Top Part 5: Bots

On the Way to the Top Part 5: Bots

Hello everyone! It’s Timmy again and today I am here again to teach you some more knowledge about creating a good server. We have already reached the 5th part of ‘On the Way to the Top’ already! Now let’s reached to the 10th.

Today, we are going to learn more about bots. There are many kinds of bots about discord on the internet. They can be classified into a few kinds. In part 4 of the series. We talked about the entertainments about the server. At that time I have already introduced the game bot to you. This time, I am going to be more involved with bots.

For entertainment purpose

There are many bots that are for entertainment purposes. Bot such as Unbelievaboat, which allows you to play games like blackjack and stuff. You can still see that bot in the server. There are many other bots that are for entertainment purpose too!

For moderation purpose

Seriously, there are many bots that are for that. Usually, the top bots will have the moderation purpose. Mee6, Dyno, Nakedo and many many more. They are really useful and I feel like you should have at least one of them no matter what server kind. Other than moderating, there are also many special features such as welcoming, autoroles and more. However, I do not really recommend autoroles, as if you use autoroles the purge function will not be useful.

For Music

This feature is also pretty popular. I believe the bot that is listed above have this function. However, there are not many bots that are involved in that topic. There is even some advanced bot which provides music quiz (Mee6). If you are a music fanatic. This kind of bot is totally for you.


There are many other bots to list for. Here are a few websites which I recommend checking out and to explore yourself.

That’s all for right now, I will make more this kind of tutorial in the future. Hope this short tutorial actually helps you from creating a successful server.