Our COVID-19 Response

Our COVID-19 Response

Hello AYS,

The unprecedented updates on the COVID-19 situation that we have seen in the past few weeks have filled the world with negativity and fear, here at AYS, we would like to do our part to just raise some spirits. We will be aiming to introduce multiple temporary changes during these times of hardship. These changes are;

1) Increased Advertisement Limit — Your daily advertisements will no longer be capped at 4, instead we have decided to increase this to 5, although there are many negatives to the current global situation, we have to look to the positives. Way more people are online and that gives you the opportunity to grow your server rapidly, and we want to help you there, so we have granted an extra advertisement a day (this also applies to Patreon supporters, your current daily advertisement limit will be increased by 1).

2) More Events — We understand that boredom has gripped the global community, as many of us cannot even leave the house. We want to introduce some community spirit to combat this boredom. We are going to introduce and hold many more events than we normally would. We aim to utilise these events to raise awareness of the COVID-19 pandemic and to raise morale. Make sure to keep an eye out for any upcoming events!

3) Increased Staff Activity — We all need some friends in these harrowing times, that’s why we have highly encouraged our staff to increase their activity and to really make an effort to start some conversations with you guys. Keep an eye out for our staff members and don’t be scared to ask questions. We’re here to help.

The COVID-19 pandemic affects every single one of us. Please ensure that you are following the guidelines set in place by your governments and always Stay Home when possible.

Thanks from us here at AYS. We will get through this!