Our Ebook Series & Other Updates

Our Ebook Series & Other Updates

Hey everyone!

It’s Will from AYS here and I am here to talk to you about some of the cool and amazing things we are working on for you guys! I hope you all had an awesome Christmas/New Years and you got to spend some well earned time with your loved ones as well as recharge your batteries as we have such a busy year ahead for all of us.

Our brand new ebook

We have released our first ever ebook which is about awesome events you can host in your community. With over 50 ideas there is sure to be an idea you haven’t tried yet. Check it out today!

Email Newsletter

We have started up our email newsletter where we give you weekly tips and advice on how to grow and promote your communities as well as how to further develop as a community owner. If you want to join our email list head over to one of our sites and scroll down and you will be able to signup!

AYS Awards

Last month we were lucky to host the 2nd AYS Community Awards with more than 20 event categories. The AYS Community Awards allow us to recognise members who have gone above and beyond for others and AYS and allows us to give back to them.

I would like to give a big thanks to John and Stephen for helping plan and getting the entire project organised! AYB awards are up next.

Watch the replay here:

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