Partnership Tutorial

Partnership Tutorial

Here, Trey will show an example of how you would set up a partnership contacting service.

1. Create a Partnership category, (Category name should be in relation to Partnership contacting / Partnerships). Also make Partner role

2. Create Partnership Rules / Requirements text channel, then make a text channel where partners go.

3. When contacting someone for partner, make sure you have your advert and Partnership requirements ready if they say yes to Partnering. If they don’t meet requirements just tell them to get the Partnership requirements, then they can partner.

4. Once this is done, Put there advert in the partner channel and give them partner role. Are sure they put your advert as-well in there partner channel.

Now I’ll put an example of Partnership Requirements below:

Thanks for choosing our server to partner yours with! We’re sure that you’ll enjoy the short process and our friendly staff team. We do have requirements for your server being partnered, though…

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —


– 1000+ Members

– Must be server owner/admin

– Must have a partner section.

– Must be a unique server.

– Must follow Discord TOS

– Must have 300+ messages a day.


– Must be in over 1k Servers.

– Must have 24/7 Uptime except for maintenance.

– Should follow Bot best practices

– Full Documentation

– Must be listed on one bot listing site.

– Must Be Unique.


– Access to the Partner Lounge

– Partner Role

– Your server listed

– Premium Liam

– Custom Server Link

– Priority Growth Service

– Cross server events

TO APPLY DM a Partnership team member.