The importance of Staff Policies

Follow Generation Gamers as he takes you through the administration of having staff work for your server, and how policies enhance the experience.

The importance of Staff Policies

Good Day AYS, and welcome to your weekly AYS blog, I’m Generation Gamers here to bring you some tips for the week. Now this week we focus on policies, more specifically setting up policies when hiring staff. One may say you can let them be free and do whatever they wish, but policies are how major servers such as AYS grew today. Coming up!

Sense of Direction - When you join a team, you always want to have an idea of what you are meant to do, how you are meant to do things. Some people may not be familiar with a certain bot or a feature of Discord. It’s up to you to make sure that in these policies, you outline how to use them, that way each time a staff member joins, you won’t have constant questions.

Can I do this? - Being staff members, it comes with added responsibilities. Sometimes, staff can forget they are members as well and need to follow the rules. By setting out some staff rules, it keeps everyone in line, and maintains a state of peace. Without this, you could have a staff member making members leave in a situation!

Promotes an Efficient Workplace - If you’re like me, you love efficiency and organisation. Like many others, an organised work environment leads to a greater amount of productivity, activity and possibly server growth if you go that long. It may also restrict your capability to keep staff for an extended period of time if policies are not set.

Overall, there are many other uses for policies for your team. Though let's move onto some suggested policies which you should consider! Some key policies I would definitely recommend instituting would be:

Code of Conduct - By adding this, you set rules and boundaries that your staff need to follow, such as not being able to perform a certain action while remaining in the server. This generally varies per server, but are generally similar in style/policy.

Staff Duty List - I have this for some of the servers I work for. This essentially outlines the job of a certain role, and what it needs from you, whether it has a quota, certain command requirements, etc. All the information a staff member could need to know how to do their job is placed here, that way managers aren’t bombarded constantly with how to do things.

Punishment Protocols (For Moderation) - Obviously when being a moderator, you realise different actions have different consequences, such as raiding compared to spamming. To ensure that different members don't have different punishments for similar actions, it's always advised to have a punishment list to tell staff what the ideal punishment should be.

Overall, there are numerous policies and guides to assist staff members’ journeys in your servers, and these are just some of the ways you can enhance both yours and their experiences in your server. That’s it for this week's blog, I hope you took something away from this, and do actually consider implementing or improving policies. Stay tuned for next week's blog!