Private Information, what should you really share?

Private Information, what should you really share?

Welcome back to another post from us at team AYS. Alas, we have so much to share. We hope you are all having an ecstatic week! For this week we are coming to you with a detailed article about private information, and how to manage it. Coming up!

As people from the age of 13 start to take over discord, join many servers, you ever wonder; what should everyone call you? Should it be your name? A nickname? Or maybe just your username. More and more people share their names, addresses, faces, and others. But there can be risks to all this– but there can be pros… Which one would be safer for you and your identity?

Your Name– What could it possibly do? Well based on your name, if it’s a very common name, or it is a very uncommon name; you could face someone knowing your identity. It is important to never tell anyone to discord your middle/last name. You should really only be telling them your discord username, but you can use your real name if you feel confident, and you trust whomever you are discussing with to a certain extent.

General Details Of course, people on the server want to know about you. If you feel comfortable, you can always share which continent/country/city you live in, but of course we shouldn’t share anything more about our location than that! If we were to share our location; we’d be receiving junk mails or maybe people at our door. But the question is; how far would people go with a simple location? We don’t know.

Pictures of You or Surroundings If you were to send a picture of yourself or some place around you (e.g a Ice Cream shop), people will be able to figure out what your precise location is, and comment on it. But your face, if someone were to put it into a Google Image Search; your private social media account for you and your friends might come up, maybe displaying your full name & many other selfies.

Check Before You Post Sometimes you may accidentally screenshot your number, or name, or even address, we always need to check every image we are uploading, I mean 1 click and then your details are all exposed. When you stop to think about it, it can really save you, and possibly your friends & family from anything.

We hope you have learnt a thing or two from this blog post, and hope you make better choices during your time on discord and any other media platforms. As you get older, you start to loosen up and share more, which requires more vigilance!

Stay Safe AYS Community!