Looking out for Scams

Follow Generation Gamers as he takes you through some key things to look out for in scams.

Looking out for Scams

Good Day AYS! It’s Generation Gamers back to you yet again with an interesting blog from AYS headquarters. Being on Discord or even in real life, you would’ve faced a scam at some point, whether it was a text message, phone call, IP grabber and so many more. But nowadays scammers are becoming more and more creative, so you do not want to miss this blog as we take you through some of the most common scams. Coming up on AYS!

Invite Reward Scams - These are probably one of the most common scams on Discord, with servers asking people to invite 10 people for a Discord Nitro. In most cases, this is fake, and doing this won’t benefit you in any way.

IP Grabber Scams - Sometimes, you may receive a DM from a random member of a server or bot, telling you that you’ve won something such as Nitro, this in reality can be IP Grabbers or Malwares for your device.

Selling Products - Most of the time that someone DMs you about selling nitro, robux or bitcoin, they’re just trying to scam you. By having discounted rates, people are being more enticed to purchase it without checking the legitimacy.

New Bots - Sometimes, bot developers can have bad intentions, and market a really cool AI bot, when in reality it could be a server nuker. I’ve dealt with this situation for a server before and it is so frustrating to see bots are being compromised.

Paid Work Scams - People who are hired to say do some GFX or make a bot, when they collect their payment some people just choose to take the work without paying, and this can have negative effects on the maker as they spent hours working on something for no point,

Blackmail Scams - Some people will tell you that they know your name, address or have photos of you, and tell you that you need to give them something such as money or nitro. This couldn’t be more than fake, if it were real you could always ask them to send the details.

Overall, there are so many more scams on discord and it is critical to keep a lookout for all of them. Some ways you can prevent yourself from being scammed include:

Turning off Server Direct Messages - On public servers, it is important that you turn off your direct messages for everyone except friends, this way you do not receive unwanted messages.

Enquire before you decide - It doesn’t harm anyone to ask one of your friends in discord if they think it is real, and whether you should continue with it. This way you have a form of sureness and clarity on what you want to do.

Ask for References - It’s alright to also ask the other person for references, people who have already used their services and achieved a good outcome as a result of it.

By following some of these steps and actions, it can go a long way to ensuring that you and other members of the community aren’t affected by any negative actions taken by scammers. I hope you found this blog insightful and made you rethink how to handle scammers next time. That’s it from me for this week, and I will see you next week. Toodles!