Selecting Admins for your Server

Selecting Admins for your Server

Hey everyone! Will here from AYS. Today I am going to be discussing how to pick admins for your server!

First every server at some stage will need an admin team. Now, admin and mods are different. Moderators moderate keeping the server clean where the admins do all of the heavy lifting behind the scenes. They keep the server running and entertaining and always changing.

First you need to find some dedicated and active members, see who is engaged in the community and ask them if they would be willing to work this position. You can also promote moderators that have been working well up to admin.

Another method is making applications like normal companies. You can use a program like Google Forms, just goto and click create new.

From there you can add a title and description. For your description you can add your staff requirements like age limit, how long they have been in the server etc. Then you can add questions. You want to know a lot about your potential staff. Like there Name, Email, Discord username and Age. You also want to know why they think they should be added to the team, there past experience, what they can bring to the team etc.

Then you want to click send, then link, then select shorten link and copy. Make an announcement on your server saying that you are hiring and include the application form link. Once you get some apps coming in go through them, delete the ones that people have put no effort into. After you have picked your admins make a role called Trial Admin. Test there skills and dedication. This will ensure you have the right person before fully hiring them. After this stage you can add them to the official team.

The key to admins is trust. You have to be able to trust them. They can do large amounts of damage if your not safe. Use a bot like Auttaja for anti nuke which will stop people destroying your server.

Until next time, Will