Small Servers is Back + A Whole Heap of New Updates

Small Servers is Back + A Whole Heap of New Updates

Hey there,

Welcome back to another blog post from AYS. It has been a while since we have released an update of this size but there is so much that we have finally finished working on that we can’t wait to share with you.

As it is also pride month, we have updated the AYS Server Icon in support of the month!

Small Servers is Back

After being down for well over a month, the Small Servers program is back and now better than ever before. The site has been updated, the plans have been updated and the overall 100 member limit is now gone, now changed to 300 members for premium servers.

We also have a special new T-Shirt you can get when your server reaches 100 members which is free on our Gold plan or for 50% off on our Silver plan.

The bronze plan is also now open so get in before the queue fills up.

Development Overhaul

Our development services have had a bit of reform over the past month behind the scenes so we can offer customers so much more in terms of extra features and services.

We have updated our website as well as we now also have a portfolio with a new development server where you can test some of our past client bots to see what you like. We have also revamped our hosting and maintenance plans for customers who don’t want to or don’t have time to maintain their bot.

Advertise Your Games Revamp

Over the past couple of months, the AYG team have been working on revamping the server and listening to your feedback. We learnt that you wanted a safe space to be able to game with others and find others to game with. You also wanted a space where you could find the latest games as well as get notifications on when discounts or freebies came out.

We have taken that all into consideration and have created AYG Version 3 which features everything any game community could ever want with CSGO and GTA servers as well as many others available to get growth assistance for and advertising. We also have a pretty sick new website >:)

The Subreddit has also received a cool new change with updated flairs and information as well as an overall design change to make it fit with the AYG Brand.

Other Cool Things

Those are the main AYS updates, but there are, some smaller ones as well that we want to tell you about.

We have recently updated our pricing on a few of our products such as DGE and Small Server Services which can be viewed on the SS website and store.

We also have two free E-Books that you can claim right now:

Discord Server Security: Best Practices

Best Discord Event Ideas

Check out our 24/7 Music Live Stream with music to help grow your server while you work on it:

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AYS Blog & The Discord Path

We also run a weekly podcast where we interview different staff members, discuss important growth topics as well as talk to community owners:

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