Life as Staff - Series Conclusion

Follow Generation Gamers as he summarises the past 5 weeks of interviewing various department members at AYS!

Life as Staff - Series Conclusion

Happy New Year AYS! Welcome to 2024, it's your one and only Generation Gamers bringing you yet another blog. Unfortunately this blog is the final part of our Life As Staff series which occurred in the final weeks of 2023. In today's blog we'll be recapping the series, linking other blogs and of course, encouraging you to apply for staff! Coming up!

Across the 5 interviews we did, we heard from Discord Growth Experts, Moderators, Sales Experts, Developers, Partnership Managers, etc. To summarise this series, we've summarised all of their blogs into one small description about Life as Staff at Advertise Your Server.

We heard from Soy, a Sales Team Member, who told us all about AYS's teaching methods:

Just as in any other position in the workforce, everyone is given a chance to learn and practice their skills, ensuring that they're ready for the real deal; the same thing goes for the sales team. We're given crystal clear instructions on how to help communicate and inform customers about the product/service in query. Not only that, this branches off to other factors such as identifying purpose, taking notes of budget, and knowing the type of product. Either way, once you get past the tactics & methods, selling products becomes a more easy-going assignment.

I recommend checking out Soy's blog here

Or even Cailee, our Chief Community Officer, who to this day, finds her job highly rewarding:

Seeing people grow and make friends is definitely the best part of my job. I like to call myself the "Mom of AYS" because I see everyone here as my children learning to grow. Even when they make mistakes, I love them and I'm always so proud of them when they're doing the best they can for themselves.

Please take a peek at Cailee's blog right here

Nemo, a Growth Expert, who found one of their greatest achievements at AYS:

Turning a client into my friend is what I consider to be a great achievement. As a part of my work, I  join customers servers and observe their "Growth" from day-to-day operations. I required extra permissions when performing the Moderation Review (a section in our Premium Server Review!) to access staff areas. That particular server I was mentioning was called 'Degenerates', the people there were really friendly, and I was very happy to receive beautiful compliments from its owner FifiSkittles. Fifi was proactive in adopting suggestions and making her server a better place, I was delighted to see my suggestions actually come true. As the service ended, we parted ways. It came to my surprise when after a year or so, Fifi appeared in AYS Chat and called out for me. Even though Degenerates no longer exist, she still remembered me. We had many fun chats and became friends. Until recently, I decided to administrate a server, Fifi brought her friends and contributed a ton to the activity. Of course, they are now staff! This is just one of the memories I have, and I feel extremely proud of what I have done throughout the years.

Feel free to check out Nemo's blog here

There are always challenges along the way, which is why Johna, our developer, shared them:

In my role as a Developer at AYS, I encounter a variety of challenges. One of the primary challenges is keeping up with the rapidly evolving field of technology. New languages, frameworks, and technologies are constantly emerging, and staying updated requires continuous learning and adaptation. Additionally, ensuring the highest quality of code while meeting deadlines can be demanding. It requires efficient problem-solving skills to debug issues and deliver optimal solutions. Balancing between different projects and prioritizing tasks is another challenge that requires effective time management. Lastly, as AYS is a community-focused platform, creating features that cater to the diverse needs of our users while maintaining a user-friendly interface can be complex. Despite these challenges, the dynamic nature of this role makes it a rewarding experience.

Feel free to check out Johna's blog as a developer here

And finally, our Moderator, and resident EMT, John, who discussed some tips and advice for Moderators.

Most importantly, if you wish to become a Moderator here at AYS or anywhere on Discord, engage with your community! Community engagement is one of the most important factors as a Moderator, when you engage with your members, you show them that you are there and can always be contacted if help is needed or something goes wrong within AYS. It is also important that when pursuing a position such as a Moderator, it is important to know the rules and regulations of the server you are in, and the Terms of Service for Discord itself, you can never be too informed on rules and ToS.

Feel free to check out TeagueJameson (John)'s blog here

Staff members are some of the most crucial people on the planet, with every business requiring employees, otherwise they'd simply stop. Which is why, we gave you the insight into what life is like, working for Advertise Your Server. If you would like to become staff, feel free to check out these links:

Sales | Moderator | Discord Growth Expert | Partnerships

If there's anything I've taken away from this blog, getting to know what it's like in other departments which I've never worked in, it's that everyone is good at what they do, they stick to things they both love, and are good at. Which is why AYS houses some of the finest workers, as well as a good training program.

That's it from me, for the Life as Staff series. I truly hope you found the series engaging, and hope that this series provided you insight to working in various roles here at AYS. Who knows, maybe after this blog you'll apply! We wish you the best of luck if you do choose to apply with us.