The New Liam

The New Liam

Hey everyone!

Rory here from the AYS Management Team here to give you an update on our new version of our Discord Bump Bot, Liam!

About a month ago, Discord introduced new rules regarding the verification of bump bots and join for join bots prohibiting them from allowing a currency system to increase your ad’s placement which means we can no longer offer autobump or shorter cooldown so instead we opted for a more visual approach to premium.

So, we rebuilt the bot from scratch and we are ready to show you how it works!

In order to set up your server once again please use the *setup command and follow the prompts. You can use the *bump command to bump your server and the *help command to view all of our commands that the bot has.

For premium members, we ask that you please DM AYS Support to re-enable your premium if you haven’t yet and the normal bump command will do a premium bump for you instead.