The Staff Guide | Part 1

The Staff Guide | Part 1

Hello everyone,

Will here from AYS management and the Growth Experts. I am going to be starting a writing and video series on hiring staff for your server. Server staff are one of the most important aspects of a server as they assist the owner with day to day duties. Staff help you with everything from server growth to moderation. AYS wouldn’t be the same if it didn’t have the sort of staff team it has now.

Ok, lets get down to business. So lets go over positions and people you may need for your server!

  • Moderators
  • Server Developers

These are the main positions with mod being the most important. If you do partnerships etc you may have a role for those people that get you partners. Another role you might want is server management so people who help run the server overall.

If your server is under 50-ish members you only need one staff member to help you with the server. When you get larger you can have a bigger team.

In this guide we will also be talking about

  • Staff Applications
  • Firing Staff
  • Staff Permissions
  • Tasks
  • Channels
  • The hiring Process
  • and some other things I forgot. Please let us know if you want us to cover anything else.

There will also be an eBook for Patreon’s which will be coming soon.

Until next time,